Claus CV

curriculum vitae: claus h. b. petersen

Name: Claus Hertz Bruun Petersen


1995 Machinist – HPE Service A/S – Hydraulic – Pneumatic – Electronics

1999 Mechanical Engineer B. Sc. University of Southern Denmark

2002 PPL (A) Private Pilot License (JAR), Ikaros Flight Academy

2007 HDO – Graduate Diploma in Business Administration.

Organization and Management – Copenhagen Business School CBS

2008 White, Yellow and Green belt in Six Sigma – Storm Management A/S

2009 Executive Coaching – Kjærulf & Partners –

2012 Executive Development Program EDP- Kjærulf & Partners



2018, Managing Director and Founder – Beccer

2018, Technical Manager – Bosch Rexroth A/S

Head of Technical division – Production department, Engineering and development department, Product management hydraulic/controllers/servo drives and Sales and Application Engineering. Total head count of 29 people including 1 production department manager and 2 product managers. Member of management team and the Nordic Leadership team.

2012, Technical Manager Vice President PMC Technology A/S

Managing Technical Function. Total head count 22 people. Member of the management team. Technical Function supports wind, offshore and industrial divisions. The function has 3 development departments as well as a joint production engineering and product management function. Design and construction of customized hydraulic systems, complex testing machines, building and testing prototypes, verification and durability testing of hydraulic components, production equipment, hydraulic simulation, documentation, and technical consulting.

Technology Transfer Process from Copenhagen site to Qingdao Site, Bangalore Site and Denver Site.

2008, Development Manager, PMC Technology A/S

Design and construction of customized hydraulic systems, complex testing machines / production equipment and technical consulting externally as internally.

2004 – 1999, Project Engineer, project/production Manager, Bosch Rexroth A/S

1992 – 1995, Maschinist HPE – Service A/S

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