about us

Beccer A/S was founded in 2018 by Claus Petersen. We offer hydraulic engineering, service, training and customized hydraulic system, which we produce ourselves. The engineering office is based in Copenhagen and the hydraulic workshop Werk Eins is located in Nyborg.

We have more than 25 years of demonstrated history in hydraulic engineering,
production of advanced power packs and automated machinery. We are totally independent and do not have any preferred supplier for our hydraulic systems.

We always choose the best technical and commercial solution. We profit from a worldwide network of specialist in industrial applications and therefore know which components is best for our customers’ demands. We have always prioritized the importance of networking with our key suppliers.

We have in depth technical support knowledge in MOOG, Bosch Rexroth and Eaton Vickers components.

International Hydraulic Service partner agreement.

Competitive production partners of power packs according to international


Beccer A/S’s vision is to constantly maintain an agile and technically strong independent organization and always remain lean, competitive and the customer’s preferred supplier. Agility and value optimization, technically as commercial, are the most important for our customers and at the same time our legitimacy. Beccer A/S will develop solutions to tomorrow’s pressing challenges, for the benefit of customers and for the society.


Beccer A/S’s core mission is to develop, design and deliver technical and business profitable results. This must be realized by being independent of large manufacturers in the market and always focusing on delivering the technically commercially correct solution to the industry.